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Hencon participates in Accumulate project


Within the Accumulate project, Hencon, in co-operation with several project partners, will start a pilot project for the assembly of flexible, modular batterypacks, for the benefit of the growing demand for special (custom-made)vehicles, in which the within the project developed packs will be integrated into. In the project special attention was paid to storage, re-use & recycling and fire safety of the battery packs with regards to future legislation. Hencon’s focus iss especially on:

• The electrical and mechanical design of the batterypacks for both manned as unmanned vehicles.
• The integration of the batterypacks in the existing vehicles.
• To improve the reliability, quality, and safety of the Hencon vehicles.
• How to optimize the life span of the batterypacks.

In addition to Hencon, the other participants in this project are: : Contour Advanced Systems, DNV GL Netherlands, Smart Commute, Universiteit Twente, Van Raam, Brekr and Veiligheidsregio Twente.

The Accumulate project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.enc

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