Altecrete is a world-leading tunnel support liner materials manufacturer and specialist.

Altecrete consistently defies the limitations of the industry’s material standards by creating new material technologies that exhibit gained improvements across the entire industry standard.

With total leading improvements in durability, mechanical strengths, application time and efficiency, and stability in challenging environments, Altecrete surpasses expectations and delivers results.



Clayton has a long and distinguished history in the manufacture and supply of rail shunters / switchers & locomotives into mines around the World.

Having developed an unrivalled understanding of the demanding conditions involved, Clayton can propose and produce an appropriate locomotive for any mine…. anywhere.


Fermel our South African partner

Fermel is a 54-year-old veteran in the mechanisation of mining equipment.

Well established as a leading innovator and manufacturer of underground mining equipment for both hard-rock and flameproof mining operations.

The business boasts an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Management System rating from Lloyds of London.



Galison Manufacturing is one of the largest manufacturers of Underground Rolling Stock and associated equipment in the world.

Products range from small side tipplers to the largest bottom discharge mine car haulage solutions, including loading, hauling and dumping that can be fully automated.


D2 Track Solutions

Railway solutions for a better future.

D2 Track Solutions is the technology provider for the T-Track System.

Their expertise and capabilities include the design, manufacture, and installation of the T-Track system.

They work with appropriate contractors and manufacturers to be successful in every project.


Dango and Dienenthal

Dango and Dienenthal (D&D) was founded in 1865 as a family owned business, with the head office situated in Siegen, Germany. Well known in the forging industry, D&D is in partnership with Paul Wurth from Luxembourg TMT (Taping Measuring Technology) – the world leader in the supply of taphole equipment to the metallurgical industry. D&D is a shareholder in Hencon.