The Hencon Slag Pot Transporter and Tilting Vehicle (SPTTV) has been designed with various specialised features enabling it to pick up, transport and tilt pots filled with high temperature (1750-1850°C) ferro- chromium slag or waste matter between furnaces and dumping sites.

The vehicle is equipped to transport approximately 10000kg (5m3) of ferro-chromium slag per duty cycle.

It’s configured as an articulated and oscillated power unit with a cabin at the front, and a U-frame trailer at the back featuring a single axis design for optimal maneuverability and tyre lifetime. A slag pot locking and tilting mechanism is mounted at the end of the transporter, which has a hydraulic tilting device for handling slag pots with a total weight of 23000kg. The tilting angle is 120 degrees.

The Hencon Slag Pot Carrier is intended for use in dusty, corrosive atmospheres typically associated with the ferro-chromium industry. Special focus was placed on ensuring visibility and safety when reversing during pick-up and placing.

Due to Hencon’s continuous improvement drive, this vehicle boasts improved efficiency, resulting in a 27% OPEX reduction (resulting from hydrostatics drive line, versus hydrodynamics, on this kind of high utilisation equipment).

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