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10m+ Level Locomotive Haulage Project

Hencon Mining can provide turnkey solutions in rail bound mining equipment. One such example is a 10m+ level locomotive haulage project which was commissioned by PhosAgro at Kirovsky Mine.

This project – comprised and commissioned in 2022 – consists of: 12km of 750 mm gauge T-Track ballast-less railway, 4 x 30-ton hybrid electric locomotives, 36 x 10m3 mine cars, 15 x loading stations with Hencon power packs, 4 x unloading stations.

On projects of this scope, Hencon Mining works hand in hand with the client to ensure complete satisfaction, and our project management teams are highly competent and experienced.

Currently we are busy with a full automation of this haulage.

T-TRACK Ballast-less sleeper-less railway system

Developed in South Africa in 1989, the T-Track system is a unique, ballast-less track structure.

It was designed to offer a more cost-effective solution than the conventional ballasted track typically used in the rail industry which is associated with significantly higher maintenance costs.

The ballasted system also requires specialised on-track machinery to maintain the track geometry and the ballast. However, since T-Track does not use ballast or sleepers, the system has fixed geometry and requires less maintenance and component replacement.

As such, life cycle costs and total cost of ownership is significantly lower with T-Track.

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