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The Hencon Altecreter

THE HENCON ALTECRETER – The evolution of structural shotcrete support

In partnership, the Hencon Group and Altecrete bring you the Hencon Altecreter, the world’s first self-propelled underground articulated all-wheel drive volumetric concrete mixing vehicle for on-demand mixing and delivery of high-volume concrete in mechanised sprayed concrete tunnel support.

The Hencon Altecreter was designed for the application of the super strong wetcrete called Minecrete S3 with an on-demand mixed and pumped concrete output of 10 m3 per hour and is suited for the high-volume concrete production demands of the mechanised mining industry.

Minecrete S3 is the world’s first non-toxic hybrid wetcrete that acts as a sealant, thin sprayed liner and fast curing non-shrink structural concrete. It provides the added benefit of sealed protection from oxidation and weathering, penetration of rock fractures, locking the rock in place and preventing block movement (Key Block Interlocking).

It delivers a 50% cost saving on structural support material requirements, due to the high bond, compressive, shear and tensile mechanical strengths. It offers our clients numerous benefits from a cost, human capital, equipment and Minecrete S3 perspective.

All mayor Mining House worldwide are currently in discussion with us around this product solution – truly something to take note of.

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